Second Release of the SciGRID Transmission Network Model

Fr 20 November 2015 | -- (permalink)

We are very pleased to announce the second release of the SciGRID Transmission Network Model labeled as V0.2. This release is available for the German transmission network and can be downloaded here. This release is based on the first release structure and introduces fixes and several new options and features.

Two main changes concerning the structure of the vertices and links tables are:

  • New columns are added in both vertices and links tables. These columns include the name, reference and operator tags from OSM, when available.
  • The electrical properties are now experessed in per unit format and therefore are not multiplied by the length of the links.

For details about the changes please refer to the CHANGES file which is included with the SciGRID model folder and can be downloaded here.

The SciGRID release V0.2 also includes two tables of the abstracted transmission network vertices (nodes) and links (edges) representing the status of the power relations in Germany on the 9th of November 2015. The vertices and links tables can also be downloaded separately here.

This second version of the SciGRID model is still a - yet not complete - "abstract" model of the German transmission grid. A plot of the topological network obtained from running the SciGRID model on Germany status 09.11.2015 is shown below:

SciGRID topography 151109 Copyright: © OpenStreetMap contributors

Note that, for the time being only relations with two stations and relations with three stations and a T-junction were used in the SciGRID model. The remaining relations (currently already more than 90% of the relations in Germany are covered) will be included in future releases.