Survey on Power Data in OpenStreetMap

Mi 16 Dezember 2015 | -- (permalink)

The SciGRID model is based on power data extracted from OpenStreetMap and aims at building an open source and freely available transmission network model for Europe.

As massive users of power data in OSM, we are interested on how power data is mapped into OSM. We previously published a post about the power relations coverage in OSM here and a web map covering all substations in Europe here. These contributions are made to report about the power coverage in OSM and help documenting its progress.

To gain more knowledge about power data mapping, we prepared a survey. It is directed to the power elements mappers in OSM. The survey is part of a Master project dealing with including more power information than the one available in power relations. The aim of this survey is to understand the process of mapping power elements in OSM and how mappers use their knowledge and experience in their mapping. An important question is also if mappers use quality assurance tools.

The analysis of the results of the survey, which will be made public, will help us to understand and analyze the mapping of power elements in OSM. This will shed more light on the actual power data structure in OSM. We believe that the results will enhance the debate about power mapping in OSM. Moreover, the result can contribute to set “best practices” in power mapping as it is the case for other elements in OSM.

All power mappers are welcome to kindly answer the survey which is located here. The survey is open untill the 6th of January 2016 and requires around 5 Minutes to complete.

The conclusions drawn from the survey will be published on this webpage and shared with the community. If you want to know more about the SciGRID model or the master project mentioned above, you are welcome write an email to We will be glad to answer your questions.